The KENNOL ULTIMA range has been developed with Euro NASCAR.


The new ULTIMA range is already a success for KENNOL, with Official Partners fully satisfied by the benefits seen over previous oil sponsors. Indeed, Euro NASCAR just held winter tests with great results, and WOLF Racing Cars is also ready to start its endurance season with lower engine temperatures thanks to our lubes. Today, let’s share the experience of someone who had the chance to test on track the 10W60 and 75W140 last year for a full season.

If you use KENNOL ULTIMA, consider the job perfectly done, and focus on something else.

Jérémy MÉRIRÈS, driver and Team Manager



Last month, KENNOL announced 2 new partnerships, becoming the Official Supplier for Euro NASCAR and Wolf Racing Cars, and launching at the same time a whole new range of very high performance products, developped for these 2 new partners, the ULTIMA range: 10W60, 20W60, 15W50 (all 3 are motor oils), and 75W140 (gearboxes and hypoid bridges).

This new range not noly overtakes all existing products on the market, by sharing a unique in-house 100% synthesis and new generation PAO + Esters type of formula, but also by the extensive lab and track tests the products went through before being launched.

These products also become the Official lubes for several partners, such as Euro NASCAR or Wolf Racing Cars, as explained, but they haven’t been the only ones testing these solutions before they hit the market today. Indeed, last season, Jérémy MÉRIRÈS, drift driver, rider, and team manager of Switch Riders, was using the latest development of 2 of these new products: ULTIMA 10W60 for the engine, and ULTIMA 75W140 for the differential.

Jérémy MÉRIRÈS, driver/rider/team manager: “For the ULTIMA 10W60, it’s difficult to say something specific because it has just been perfect! This is the perfect competition product: performant all year long, consistent despite many drains, and a pleasure for the engine that stood cooler and more powerful than ever. I can say it puts you in full confidence, so you can focus and work on something else.”

That is the very kind of comment after test which enlights the added value of the new generation additives and technologies KENNOL put in this range. Developing motor oil for endurance races in the desert of Nevada and California makes a huge difference for any engine, since performance is all about temperature. The protection is here, and the performance too: for its first race, the Wolf Racing Cars prototype took the pole position. Today, these efforts, technologies, and tests, are available on the market with this ULTIMA range.

KENNOL being the lubricants partner of Switch Riders and Jérémy Tchouf Mérirès this season again, it is with great pleasure that we will prepare new surprises in the upcoming weeks and months. But for now, please enjoy the TV ad focusing on the new ULTIMA 10W60 (and also featuring the new amazing ULTIMA 75W140), available on our Youtube channel and Facebook Official Page as usual: