The group

KENNOL's industrial group is a french family owned company.

The strenght of a legacy

KENNOL's industrial Group is a French family owned company.

In the early 1980’s, the first generation chose to specialize in the lubricants industry, and built a very modern manufacture in Cholet, France. Other branches of the Group helped in creating a very high-quality net of people and skills inside the Group, so that every need could be fullfilled in no time and exclusively with in-house talents.


The success of the different structures within the Group gradually pushed the quality of the factory’s production and logistics. Although the Group wanted to stay fiercely independent, the will of creating a reknowned brand was real.

That's how KENNOL was born in 1992.

Since, the Group expanded its activities in other fields, but remains deeply driven to help the success of our products and services towards our clients and partners in more than 60 countries in the World.


The many facets of the Group allow us to innovate in every features of the field:
– ultra-modern production facilities
– on-site laboratory
– dedicated communication & Marketing agency
– factory racing team
– own warehouses for stock

The Company

P.P.O. (Produits Pétroliers Organisation) has been created to lead the destiny of KENNOL in 1991.

Passion for performance

P.P.O. (Produits Pétroliers Organisation) has been created to lead the destiny of KENNOL in 1991.

Reminiscent of a decade of designing and manufacturing high-end lubricants (automotive and industrial), the company started as the Premium branch of the Group. It specialized in high-performance lubricants for cars and racing competition, before opening its catalogue, year after year, to other fields, such as motorbike, etc.


The company has always been seeking new ideas and innovation to keep pushing KENNOL to the highest levels in the industry.

The Brand

KENNOL was born on the track.

Born on the track

The KENNOL brand has been created in 1992, and was dedicated to high-performance lubricants for cars and racing competition.

It soon gained its first international recognition after winning the 1993 24h of Le Mans, with Christophe BOUCHUT.


Since then, not a single year passed without collecting several titles and prestigious victories. This background in racing competition is the concept of the whole brand: if we win with the lubricants we develop and manufacture, you can trust these products to protect your engine each day in your car.

Our victories and successes are your warranty.

Moreover, KENNOL enjoys another inner strengtn, beside its high quality products: its public image. Thus, the logo and colours of the brand are acknowledged on every continents. This is due to our commitment in racing, but also the premium approach we always have, and the global power of its representation.


Even the digital transition went good for one of the most modern lubes brands in the World. Indeed, KENNOL now ranks amongst the 15 most famous and popular independent lubricants brands across the Earth (source Facebook Statistics 2019).

The Manufacture

KENNOL manufacturer is 100% made in France.

100% Made in France !

We manufacture all our KENNOL products in our own factory, in Cholet, France.

We stand behind the quality of our products and services, and maintain a very high level of commitment in order to fulfill the best possible quality. And many factors testify of our great expertise in this field:


– AFAQ Certification: ISO 9001
– Ultra-modern production facilities
– Fully automated production lines
– Human management at every level
– Continuous Formation Center agreement
– On-site lubes and technical fluids lab