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KENNOL launches 2 new Limited Slip transmission oils for mechanical gearboxes and axles. They suit heavy-duty trucks, as well as our latest Corvette GT3!


In a quality approach, and to meet ever more specific needs, KENNOL is releasing two new Limited Slip transmission oils for mechanical gearboxes and axles. Let’s dive into the specs of these products, and see how they can serve you.


The automotive industry, over time, has kept improving the traction of vehicles. Indeed, the more traction you give the vehicle, the less energy is loss between the production of energy and the effective movement on the road. Thus, manufacturers have developed numerous technologies affecting the drive cogs. One of them is the Limited Slip differential. To enhance the performance of this system, KENNOL has developed 2 new products, specifically designed for this type of application. Here come the KENNOL ULTIMA LS 75W-90 and the KENNOL LS 80W-90.

This is the perfect addition to our transmission range, after some serious development within our KENNOL Racing Team.

Rodrigue Meignen, Team Manager


What does a limited slip differential do? It allows heavy load trucks to ride safely in turns. It lets axles work with 2 independent wheels rotating at different speeds. It protects the whole transmission of race cars such as our Corvette C7 GT3-R Callaway. That’s exactly what hes been tested live, again, last weekend, in Le Mans. 2 heavy duty trucks, transporting 6 of our race cars, plus one of our Corvettes. The trucks and the GT3 were lubricated with this KENNOL ULTIMA LS 75W-90.

Its little sister, the KENNOL LS 80W-90, is more specifically suited to axles, transfer cases, hypoid axles, reduction gears and limited slip differentials, but is still very suitable for manual gearboxes. These two lubricants are 100% synthetic and manufactured with some of our best base oils selections.