InMotion and KENNOL need to solve the concept they created: "electric refueling". And they are closer than ever to race the 24h of Le Mans!


For the second year of their partnership, InMotion and KENNOL do good. The main goal is still to enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the 1st 100% electric racing prototype of history. And to do so, the team needs to solve the concept they created: «electric refueling». And they are closer than ever!


InMotion has landed in the game more than 10 years ago. But their recent program is the one that drives every attentions. Racing the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the famed Garage 56 with the 1st ever 100% electric racing prototype. To do so, they count on some existing technologies, such as the GINETTA LMP3 prototype chassis. But the true challenge lays underneath. In the making of this never-seen-before prototype. And above all, this new concept of «electric refuelling».

We are looking forward to showing the car to the World on May 31st at the official global reveal.

Rutger Bell, InMotion Battery Pack Engineer

KENNOL has, of course, an extensive experience in Le Mans. Victory in 1993, class or global podiums, and present as a sponsor or supplier for more than 25 editions. But rediscovering the race with a brand new challenge is what drives us to this exciting project. Add to that the interest in developing the fluids of tomorrow, and you get the whole point. But how «electric» this innovative race prototype really is, would you ask? It’s fully electric. It’s 100% electric. With its 1.2km of cables inside the car, it’s an absolute new breed of cars. That’s how big the challenge is.


Most of you already know our involvement in bio manufacturer coolants, with the now well revered KENNOL Performance Fluid range. This 100% Made in France and biodegradable range of manufacturers coolants already stands as a very performant one on the market. One of the only one existing actually. Because we also have performance solutions for those fluids. And now that everyone sees how electric vehicles are evolving, we have the proof that we were right to do so. Because, today, we are working on the fluids of tomorrow.

And no doubt that the heat transfer fluids we design for InMotion are part of this adventure towards future. Thanks to those fluids, the prototype is capable, today, of a full electric recharge in less than 12 minutes. It’s already a ground-breaking record. But it’s not the ultimate aim. Before the end of 2021, the 7mn30sec mark should be passed! «We are very grateful for the fact that our sponsor KENNOL could supply us with this big volume of cooling liquid on such short notice», said InMotion. «The KENNOL HEATRANS supplied makes sure that the delicate cooling channels do not corrode. That is vital for the lifetime of our cold plates and therefore for endurance racing.»

InMotion also pays particular attention to the discharge capacities. Because the more efficient the battery pack can be discharged, the better the powertrain can use the energy. And that, linked to the true «electric refuelling» in 2 minutes, is the key to prove the car performant, in a racing situation. And after that, in your everyday life. Very soon. Thanks to innovative and performant products, and companies, such as InMotion and KENNOL.