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2023 starts under the spotlights for KENNOL, becoming official partner of TF1 AutoMoto (1st French TV channel) for 4 weeks, starting Sunday.


2023 starts under the spotlights for KENNOL. We become the official partner of TF1 AutoMoto (1st French TV channel) for 4 weeks, starting Sunday. This privileged position lets us showcase 4 billboards during the most viewed auto/moto TV show in France. And present to the largest audience our fuel saving motor oil range.


Born on the track, KENNOL is a French brand that does not hide its passion for the automobile and for the motorcycle. At the start of this 2023 season, which promises to be full of surprises, we have the pleasure to work with TF1 AutoMoto. The 1st French channel hosts the most famous and viewed weekly motors program, with almost 2 millions viewers per show.

The last TV presence for KENNOL was with M6 car program called «Turbo». This return to television is a sign of the increasingly legitimate establishment of KENNOL among professionals as well as consumers. Whether you are used to seeing our colors on the biggest circuits, or in the most professional garages, know that you are more and more fans, sharing the same passions around KENNOL.


But beyond its origins and its passion for motor sports, KENNOL is above all a French manufacturer of high-end lubricants and fluids for cars, motorcycles, racing, etc. KENNOL is a premier player in the lubricants industry, and an innovative brand, such as our electric engine coolant development programs prove it, etc. But today, it is our fuel economy motor oils that we highlight, with this partnership. Because our solutions come as a miracle in this periods of fuel price explosion.

With several dozen engine oils providing fuel savings from 1% to more than 4%, KENNOL thus offers one of the most virtuous motor oil ranges on the market!

It is therefore in this way that KENNOL will communicate in the coming weeks, in order to bring car owners a concrete solution to soaring prices, and professional mechanics a real lever argument to maintain their margins.