Our BARTENDER² Bulk is a great proof of our talent in design. And we are the only one in the World with a motor oil bulk tool for your shop.


Innovation has always been a KENNOL thing. And our already best-seller BARTENDER² is a great proof of our talent in finding new concepts with appealing design. Now, it lands in its premium version: the Bulk. But why? Because this is the future of motor oil selling, and we are the first in the World to do that.


Our past has been linked to the KENNOL BARTENDER name for several years now. In times when all oil brands were trying to invent their own oil fountain furniture, we decided to go a step further. And it worked. The first BARTENDER «honeycomb» has been rewarded and praised for its never seen before design, and for the KENNOL visual impact it gave everywhere it was installed. From France to China, it’s a classic.

But the market evolves, and time passes. With new ideas for new uses, we started to imagine its renewal. And last year we launched the now best-seller BARTENDER² Garage. Not only did it sold even better than its big brother, but it also was designed to bring more… More uses, more performance, more surprises. 240L of any motor/transmission oils, 12 exclusive KENNOL jugs, it is also one more time remarkably designed.

«I dont know what it does but I want it» is the reaction that comes to our clients lips when they first see it!

Léa MORIHAIN, Commercial Director

No other solution on the market, today, comes close to its design and options. First, it simplifies every daily task for garages: 12 different oils available in 1 spot, each of them with its own jug. You don’t spill, you don’t waste, you go fast. It also displays all cars motor oil recommendations on its side. Which means you directly know what oil to use instead of searching on a computer. Second, give it a look… Which awkwardly drawn solution by another brand can even compare? None.


But the most striking feature of this design, and the most inexpected for many people, is that it’s modular design! It can evolve in 2, 3, or 4 different concepts, with specific accessories. Everything has been thought about during the development phase. And now, it shows its potential.

That’s how the BARTENDER² Bulk lands today. A concept that nobody thought about before us. You can sell bulk motor oils directly in your stores and shops. The consumer comes and buys his reusable can, checks which oil he needs thanks to oil recommendations on each side of the BARTENDER² Bulk, and is able to pour only the amount of oil he needs. Pays, and go back home to service his car.

In France, this concept is regarded as a great solution. Indeed, the 2020 Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat, lately validated by French President Emmanuel MACRON, selects most advantages of the BARTENDER² Bulk to put them as future mandatory elements for stores and shops. This concept answers them all. So, what are you waiting for? Need a serious partner for the future of oils sales? Here we are.